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This page last updated 01/30/2002
This Site

Last Updated 01/30/2003

I started working at the bottom of this page then got to this point where the site builder started to slow down. 
It's still much faster than other web based editors I've used ..but I'm going to page four to see if things speed up.

Scroll down to see what I found here


Ok modified the code of 42-scrooler and it worked fine..  But now the original is not working OK.. Lets go see what happenned.
RE-added the code and the original started working

kikkelis kokkelis

Added 42-scroller as text edit html  it didn't work and i got class file not found...  Gonna have to go search some help file tto resolve this.
01/30/2003 OK moved 42-scroller files to directory where tripod stored this site and it worked..  Now I can go back and fix the others I've tried.
The file manager should let me select the directory where I wanted to load the file.
I probably should start using ftp to mirror my disk on this web site

kikkelis kokkelis

I added 42-scroller as text to see what would happen....Got what I expected

<html><head><title>kikkelis kokkelis</title></head>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<applet code="scroller.class" width="400" height="400">
<param name="teksti" value="--- ---">

This one 42- scroller failed due to class code failure.. All the files are on my site and it ran from the file manager...  Tripod added the add...
01/30/2002  After moving the class files to the right directory and reloading the text this example worked fine.

Ended up with three copies of 42-scroller on this page so deleted the one below this link.  I like to keep the original to give the author credit then a modified version which I'll use later on my Official Web Site..  For Some reason the second and third copy of this code doesn't always run correctly..It understandable.. I never expect two copies of code to run well in the same place..

I took a shot and e-mailed the web site which provided this code and amazingly got an immediate response with usefull help . They must must have a great junk-mail filter..
Thanks again for the Help Paul

I added glitzer here as text edit html and it worked..
Pressing the publish button fixed my previous attempt.
Click on the graphic to see what it does.


Here is glitzer another java code class failure this one was missing the class file from the download ... It worked on my machine without it.. Don't understand why!
01/30/2003 OK moved the files to the correct working directory and that didn't help..
After re-publishing the site it worked!!! Hit the publish site button often


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