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This page last updated 01/29/2003
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I'm going to keep working the top of the page so it may make sense to read it from the bottom up. That will keep me from having to keep going to the bottom of the page while I'm messing around here.

Just picked up these html gear items.. Plan on adding a couple to my final page

get this gear!

Just got this guestbook from a lycos link. html gear you can click on it and get your own.. There's a lot of free stuff available but it doesn't come without pop-ups and adds

View My Guestbook
Sign My Guestbook

I just looked at the business web gems..Nothing interested me but It might be worthwhile for a small business

Well the Lycos MP3 search worked

Lycos MP3 Search

Artist or Song Name:

Well I just tried adding a guestbook.
It didn't work either.. 

Well I just added the gem that tells when this page was last updated.  I wish that was an option for all pages which i could turn on..
A last visited date would be nice also...

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Didn't work.  Is the latest worm still shutting down servers

Here's a web gem for Lycos Store..  You can shop while you are editing your website

Just added this web gem for news...  I like it,   it doesn't look store bought like so many other's .. It look like I did it ..

Unknown Gem Type:

Here is where the text went

I tried to copy this object but only the text went